After Hurricane Florence.......

Many people in both North and South Carolina have been impacted by Hurricane Florence that hit a little over a week ago. This has also left many people asking what do I do next and in many cases has brought people knocking on their doors asking if they can do some kind of service to their home or yard.

As a consumer myself I tend to stay away from these groups, not saying that they are all bad or that they will do less of a job than others, but the fact of the matters is a lot of the times this is the case. Or when it comes time to handle an issue that might come up in a few years this company is no where to be found and you are stuck finding someone else that might now be willing to work on or put up at a top of a list to resolve your issue.

So here is list of check items I would always look for when lets say hiring a roofing company after the storm.

  1. Make sure they are local. To many times companies chase storms to make there bottom line look good. Even if the local guy might take a few more days to get to it they have a better chance of being there down the road when you need them.

  2. Check to see how long they have been in business. A lot of times guys become masters of something real fast when they see a chance to make money.

  3. Ask what brands they use, this will help you more than you think. You can then log on to that brands site and see if the contractor has any brand training or any other certifications that brand might offer. All these kinds of programs the brands make sure the contractor is doing the right work and is current with all local laws and bills.

  4. Ask other people. With the many forms of communication theses days you can always ask as many people was you want by simply posting something on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram or so on. You will get instant feedback from people you know and people you don't know.

  5. Don't “knee jerk”!! I know that looking at your roof, yard or any other aspect of your home under direst can be a hard thing to do, but making a rash decision can also make everything that much worse in the end. Take a breath and make sure you are doing what is the best for you during this time.

    These are all thing I think about when I am making a purchase for me and my family. I want to make sure it is right for us and that it is not something that in the years to come I am going to come to regret.

Joel Foster