Why Buy Replacement Windows from Wimmer?

Today many people are back to buying and with all the choices out there in the Replacement Window Market it can make it hard to choose what is best for you and your home.  Well lets break this down for you and hopefully help you with choosing a Great Replacement Window. 

1.  All windows in todays market should be Double Pain windows.  Space between the glass may change, but there would be no reason in North Carolina to have a Shingle Pain window. 

2.  Lowe and Argon is where your new Replacement Window will start to get its Energy Savings and could qualify you for a Energy Credit if one is being offered at that time.  Checking with your power company is a good way to find this out.  But, Lowe is a metallic coating added to the glass as it is made at the glass manufacture.  It adds a kind of mirrored finish to the glass that can still be looked through, but reflects the suns harmful UV rays from coming thought.  Argon is a gas that is added at the Window Manufacture between the two pains of glass.  Argon is a odorless, dry, and dense gas that helps with the thermal value of the glass.  There are many names for lowe on the market and some have better ratings than other, but don't be tricked all this coating are coming form the glass manufactures like PPG or Cardinal.  

3.  Welded Frame and Sash again today should be slandered in the Replacement window that you are buying.  If someone offers you a window that is screwed together in the corners this days then they are doing just that to you.  This type window was the first Vinyl Window that came to the market in the late 70's and 80's.  It had it's place and time and that has now gone.  

4.  In the reality of the Vinyl Replacement Window Market there is not a lot that sets the 4000 plus manufactures apart other than size of the company and how much they are willing to spend on getting their name to market.  Yes, I said it.  Now am I coming right out and saying all windows are the same?  No, not at all, but there are a lot of things that put them all on even playing fields.  

5.  What can make or break your Replacement Window project is the company that is doing the work at your home.  You want to look for a company that has been around for years, does not ask for many to get the job started and always ask someone who they would use.  Lets Facebook it you can ask anything anymore and get 1000's of answers back in seconds.  Always check the companies out for a webpage, their address, Facebook, etc.  If they are posting stuff all the time and you can see their working weekly then it is a good indicator that they are more likely a good company to do work with.  

6.  Price oh yes that issue on price of windows from one place to the next.  Again price is driven by the amount that is passed down from the manufacture and on the company installing the windows.  The more they spend on getting customers the more they are going to have to charge for their products.  Yes, I would love to be like the Golden Arches (you thought about McDonalds) or other big name brands that you can just sing a jingle, but that all cost money and big money.  So it is up to you really to make the decision on how much you are willing to pay for your new Windows.  I will give you a range to be fair from pricing I have been hearing.  Any thing from $285 to $1,400 per window, yep that a wide range, but it is out there everyday and sometimes for the same products.  

I hope this brings just a little bit more light to making a choice on your Replacement Window buying and that maybe you take the time and give us a call to come give you an estimate on your next project.  


Joel Foster

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Joel Foster